“The staff are extremely helpful in all ways A. enjoyed himself a lot.”  Gloria D.  May 13, 2019

"Ron really enjoyed all the activities and looked forward to coming each week. I know he will miss it, but hopefully we can get him back into something soon. The facilities, fabulous, and felt very homey. Everyone was very kind, happy and made Ron feel special. Thank you to all and I appreciated all of that.”  Maureen T.  May 7, 2019

“I would recommend this program to other seniors. Going to miss it. Going to miss all the staff and thank you to everyone who helped with my husband” – April B, loved one of Day Program client 

"This program (Day Program) was also one of the life lines in caring for Mom with advanced alzheimer's. Without the respite it provided for me I don't know if I could have kept Mom with us. This time allowed me to get chores done and have some time during the week when I could just 'be'. When you live with someonewith Alzheimers you are always engaged- answering questions, being followed around, trying to be aware of their needs, grieving the contant changes and losses. I loved Mom very much and am so thankful she was able to live with us and we had that time with her. I'm also so thankful for the part you played in helping us make that possible." -Karen Stafford

“The Seniors Come Share Program helped Bill with his socialization skills and greatly benefited his overall happiness. “ Sharlene K.  April 16, 2019  South Surrey Day Program

“The South Surrey Day Program for Older Adults was a gift for both of us. My Mom was so excited to go and she would talk about it after. My heartfelt thanks to all of you.  The staff was amazing – each and every one.   I know Mom and I will miss you all! ” – Debra F. Feb 21, 2019, loved one of Day Program client.

“I couldn’t be more grateful for all the loving care and support David and I received from you all.  David loved going to Come Share. He thought it was his job. He was so fond of the staff and knew them all by name.  I can’t praise them all enough.” – Bonnie F. loved one of Day Program client, Jan 24, 2019  

“Ernie’s experience with Come Share was the highlight of his week. The social interaction with other clients and the staff was so wonderful for him. Thursday just could not come quick enough for him. This is an amazing program with amazing caring staff. He was so fortunate to be part of the program. P.S. Must add that the staff took time to make Ernie feel important and that he mattered. Thanks so much.”

Elaine S.  April 16, 2019   South Surrey Day Program

Jackie did always look forward to going to Come Share. She misses all the ladies. “ Karl F.  loved one of Day Program client, Jan 30, 2019  

"This is an excellent program and it should be advertised to the general senior population. We thoroughly enjoyed the staff and our mother loved it once she joined." - Joanne B. August 14, 2018 

I could never say enough about this wonderful program. It is a tremendous asset to the community, for our seniors. It is a ray of sunshine for seniors and their caregivers. The staff are loving and caring.” - Linda W. July 2018

My Mom always looked forward to her days at Come Share. She really loved the music. I know that for sure. She often didn’t remember what she did on any particular day but I thinking that she enjoyed it there.The staff are exceptional! So grateful to you all. While my mom often couldn’t remember what she did, she would say how much she liked the people (staff). I think that is very telling. You never forget how people make you feel. I really cannot say enough good things". -Karen G. August 2018

 “Hope it will continue for a long time still! To provide help to all who are in need of such a wonderful service!  Made my husband’s life better and he always enjoyed going and meeting staff and friends. As a Caregiver it made things easier for me.” – Louise B, loved one of Day Program client

I am very grateful for the loving care she received from your group” – George A, loved one of Day Program client

Program certainly was instrumental in keeping my wife at home for far longer than if the program had not been available.” – Kord J , loved one of Day Program client

I am sure it must be hard for you to tell if you are making a difference in Alzheimer’s patients but I could always see a large improvement in Nancy when I would picked her up. Thank you for all your good work.” – John J, loved one of Day Program client 

“A great and necessary program. I would like to thank everyone for the kindness and support that they gave to Evelyn and our family. Everyone who works there are professional and caring and she loved the food!” – Amanda C, loved one of Day Program client

Although I am not familiar with the programs I always found Rex happy when he returned home. I am very grateful for the kindness and care he received.” – Trudie, loved one of Day Program client

Couldn’t have been better. A very positive place with no worries to the family” – M. Fingler, loved one of Day Program client

I believe that Bill is adapting and enjoying his time at Morgan Place, in such a sort time, due to his positive experience at Come Share” – M Cooper, loved one of Day Program client

John loved attending and had the best of care. Thank you to each and everyone of you for your kindness and great work” –  A Low, loved one of Day Program client

 “I enjoy volunteering as it makes me feel happy when I am with the older people. It’s nice to see them smile and they are happy that they are out. It is rewarding to me as they want me to keep coming back to see them.” – Debbie, Volunteer

I consider myself fortunate to have found and organization to volunteer that both provides such great services to the community and is very appreciative of any help I can provide. I quite enjoy interacting with all the fascinating seniors, generous volunteers and the fantastic staff!” – Jason, Volunteer

All the nurses, care aids and other staff at Come Share were always vary friendly, helpful and positive. The staff really made a difference for my dad and it was very much appreciated! A really great group of people working at the Newton facility. Thanks very much again!” – Brian, Son of Day Program client

I never got a chance to thank you for the beautiful new portion of the fence around my patio. It looks great!  You sure did a good job!  I noticed that perfect piece of wood you nailed into the corner too and that you attached the hose hanger to the fence near the tap as well. Also, it is great to have the leaves and pinecones all raked up in my yard now.  I think you filled about 6 large bags, if I remember correctly.  I can’t get over how nice the fence looks and how wonderful it has been for me to have some help indoors and outdoors. Thank you for doing such quality workmanship on the fence and for helping with my yard work.” – Better at Home Client

My mother always enjoyed the activities offered and spoke highly of the lunches provided. The staff always greeted her with a smile and a very welcoming atmosphere.” – Cathy, Daughter of Day Program client

I found all your staff to be compassionate, friendly,  in other words, excellent”– F. Whiteside, Caregiver of Day Program client

“I want to thank everyone involved in the Come Share programs, for their kindness, compassion and the care they provided. Everyone I have ever seen there was helpful and very positive. It is a great environment for seniors.” – M Henderson, loved one of Day Program client

The kindness and care shown by all staff was beyond expectation and so much valued and appreciated. Love and thanks to you all!”– D Proznick, loved one of Day Program client

Our experience found the seniors come share program to be excellent and the staff was also excellent and a pleasure to work with. We would like to express our appreciation to all!”– A Meyers, loved one of Day Program client

I found Come Share program very well done and I don’t know what I would have done without it. Also it was a change for Don to get out and meet other people. All the staff were wonderful – it’s not an easy job being a care worker.” – Loved one of Day Program client

I feel everything David did at Come Share helped him with his socialization which was very important. A terrific program all around and so inexpensive/affordable. As for the staff and facilities:  Excellent on both accounts, but the staff went above and beyond to make both of us very comfortable and supported.” – Loved one of Day Program client 

The programs were well organized.  John always enjoys being at Come Share and I always appreciated having time to myself knowing that he was being well looked after.” - J Tynan, Loved one of Day Program client. 

“L. was not interested in taking part in this program, but after only one session, she talked about how much she loved it! This was the absolute highlight of her week and I credit the entire staff and Handy Dart driver.” – Debbie D. Jan 11, 2018 caregiver for a client at the Day Program in South Surrey.

"The programs are excellent. P enjoys the music and dancing, she is in a good mood for the rest of the day. The staff are very friendly and treat the participants with love and respect." - Caregiver S.U.

"G. enjoyed the bus service, he enjoyed programs but he is not very competitive. He also enjoyed the baking program, the meals were good and he loved the desk view." - Caregiver M.R.