Our Story

The core of Seniors Come Share Society is hinged on the connections we make, the community being built and the values we share with one another. We share our time, resources and even our smiles with our friends. At Come Share, we believe that sharing is caring.

We have a heart for our job, our community and the people we interact with. We appreciate the opportunity to impact the lives we come in contact with.

We started this journey in 1977, with a handful of staff and a small office.  Currently, we run three Day Programs for older adults and 25 additional community programs with about twenty staff, and more than 180 volunteers who bring not only their skills but also their hearts to their roles.

Today we are `the’ organization in the community to turn to for seniors, their families and community members to get assistance, information and support. Our community programs have broadened to address the emerging challenges that seniors face.

As our vision is to be the Centre of Excellence in helping seniors maintain independence, we strive to uphold these values:

  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Compassion
  • Responsiveness
  • Accountability
  • Collaboration

 We assist with concerns like:

  • Where to turn to access information about resources in the community and within the various government bodies. 
  • Caregivers needing a place to turn to help them provide the best support they can while being mindful of their own health needs. 
  • Opportunities to give back in a meaningful way to other older adults through volunteer opportunities.

Thanks to our dedicated staff and volunteers, as well as our strong community partnerships, we empower, educate and engage older adults and their families so that they can make informed choices, be involved in their community and in charge of their life options.