Message from the Board Chair

Organization Sustainability - Ends Policies

The Board and Staff recognized the need to confirm the purpose and mandate of Seniors Come Share Society during this time of uncertainty amid the Covid-19 pandemic.  On January 19, 2021, the Board of Directors met and approved policies (called Ends) that state the purpose for the Society’s existence, what benefits the organization should produce, who should receive the benefits and at a cost that is justified by results. Without defined Ends, the Board will struggle to monitor the achievements of the Society and the work done to support the people who receive services from the Society.  

For the Executive Director, Board Ends policies provide clarity, authority and accountability to interpret those requirements for the Society’s situation and act accordingly without having to wait for Board approval.  

Now, with these approved Ends, the Executive Director and staff can move forward to develop a strategic plan for Seniors Come Share Society.  

The following outlines the “Purpose” of Seniors Come Share Society and our 4 key Ends Policies. Subsections to each of these key Ends Polices are outlined on the Ends Policies attachment.  


Seniors Come Share Society exists for the well-being of older adults to lead full engaged lives and for the health and support of family caregivers at a justifiable cost.


The Society will work to ensure that:  

  1. Older adults are empowered to age safely in place within their own communities 
  2. Family caregivers are valued for the support and caregiving they provide for older adults
  3. Older adults engage & thrive in the community 
  4. Older adults have digital literacy