BC Eldercare Massage is proud to be one of the premier businesses to offer specialized training and the essential service of chair massage & wellness to serve the senior citizens throughout Canada. Our Eldercare Massage Providers are registered with WCB, recognized by the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) and Federation of Holistic Therapist (FHT) fully licensed and certified to provide on-site, affordable services to facilities and our clients. Eldercare Massage uses gentle relaxation techniques to soothe aching muscles, tendons and joints.

Improves circulation
Improves sleep
Relieves painful joints & tight muscles
Overall enhancing a sense of well-being Alleviating arthritic & chronic pain
Increase range of motion & muscle strength
Reduce stress & anxiety
BC Eldercare is dedicated in promoting health, wellness, relaxation and self-care in the retirement community.

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