Some of the ways to determine quality wine are by examining the ingredients used for production, the age of the wine, the storage conditions the wine was kept in. All these factors help in determining the price of the wine, and the precision applied to all these factors most often tell you how pricy the wine could be. If the ingredients used in production are substandard but the wine is stored and aged appropriately, the final product will be poor. The same goes for the other two processes. Only the highest quality and most pricey wines go through all these processes accurately.

The process of life is likened to the process of quality wine production. Aged wine is not thrown away, it is preserved. Sometimes it is even kept as a collectible and shelved for as long as possible because of the perceived quality and value.

Why then are we so dismissive of the senior and aging people in our communities? The community addresses these individuals with patronizing connotations like chipper, sweet, little, spry, “poor old dear.” These are people that built our community with their acts of service, resources, wisdom and acquired knowledge. The earth has been around for millions of years but only in the past 100-150 years have we made such remarkable technological advancements; we owe a large chunk of this to this present generation of seniors. Old age should not translate to dismissal. Aging is a part of the human life cycle, it is natural and cannot be avoided. We ought to celebrate the seniors the same way we celebrate new life. This is what the Seniors Come Share Society is all about. We work at preserving the dignity and upholding the unquantifiable value that the seniors have.

We treat our clients with utmost love, respect and more importantly like human beings.

-Karen Ahiaba