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For those of you who have participated in our Seniors’ Centre Without Walls, a telephone-based program, meet Edwin Chau, the face behind the voice you hear. The program offers brief 30-minute interactive telephone conference sessions where you can laugh and socialize, learn new skills, and create new connections. One of our participants, Trudy, talks about her favorite program run by Edwin, ‘You Be the Judge’ –

“Edwin talks about the crime and the trial, and then we discuss what verdict we would give. It’s very exciting and creates a lot of discussion. I always wanted to be on a jury and this is the next best thing. It’s also nice to hear some of the same voices and get to know each other through the various programs.”

I have my own experience of Edwin – my office is right next door and I can hear him on the phone. Some of the programs are more exuberant than others, or should I say that at times Edwin is more exuberant. The brain teasers, for example. Edwin runs the participants through a variety of word games, improv, fun facts, and random trivia. The first time I heard him I thought, Pat Sajak (you know, Wheel of Fortune) has nothing on Edwin!

Edwin will continue providing his sessions on the phone. We want to make sure people have choices. You can be informed and entertained on the phone or online. Your choice. For more information on Seniors’ Centre Without Walls, please call Edwin at 604-531-9400 ext. 205 or email

Seniors’ Centre Without Walls is a part of the SISSIP Network Project (Surrey Intercultural Seniors Social Inclusion Partnership) and funded in part by the Government of Canada.