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I don’t know about you, but for me, time has just flown by since the middle of March when the global pandemic was declared by the International Health Organization. Since, our lives have been hijacked by the tiniest of microbes. Its name and that of its disease have dominated every article that I’ve read and every news broadcast that I’ve listened to in the last six months. Like many of you, I am getting jaded by it and do not want to give it more attention. So, I won’t name it in this article.

What’s sad is that it hasn’t just affected the body. The isolation that it has imposed has affected people’s psychological well being, even among the most resilient. I very much appreciate the efforts of our staff who have managed to lift the spirit of a much ailing community by going above and beyond in providing remote services, and to our dedicated volunteers who have stood by us. I am also grateful to our community which has made the needed sacrifices to prevent its fertility and propagation.

It has been a challenge, but it has also provided opportunities to work differently. If it wasn’t for it, we may not have developed an online platform that we recently launched enabling people to stay connected from the safety of their homes. Please check it out. It is free to use. I am also confident that SHARE will be popular after the pandemic in reaching out to the very isolated adults who, for whatever reason, are anxious about getting out and about. In all probability, it and its progeny will change the way we live forever, and we will need to be adaptive. However, our Society has an internal locus of control, and we are determined to influence our own destiny. We have big dreams and an expanding vision. While we are mindful of the now, we are focused on a promising future. We look forward to making connections with and engaging the growing number of community members who are looking for meaning in their lives journey. Together, we have the power!

Louise Tremblay

Executive Director