By Arlene Lewchuk-Hartley, Director of Day Programs. 

We had been approached by Fraser Health to submit written health and safety plans for consideration as part of the ‘selective suspension’ group to host a few people at the day program. The criteria for any day program in Fraser Health to have a reopen plan is very detailed. Currently only the Guildford site meets the criteria and we are preparing to have a gradual reopen with very few people attending. 

The following are some key factors to a reopen:

  • The health and safety plans go through four separate delegate groups within Fraser Health and the Ministry of Health.
  • There are very strict guidelines & criteria as to who can be considered to attend.
  • Only Guildford clients who meet the criteria will be able to attend
  • The Guildford nurse, Sam will be contacting those who meet the criteria 

Things to know:

  • The virtual zoom and phone hub programs will continue to be offered
  • The newsletter will continue to be mailed and/or emailed to you
  • The individual phone calls will also continue

I will provide further information to any new developments as we continue to work closely with Fraser Health. In the meantime, stay safe and connected through our virtual and phone call programs.