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I am proud to have been part of an organization that has been providing programs and services for older adults and their families in Surrey and White Rock for 43 years. I joined the organization 42 years ago – can it really be that long? Back then we were a small group of caring and dedicated individuals wanting to make a difference in our community. 

Our growth has been driven by the people we have the honour to help. The recurring refrain I have heard is that older adults want to stay in their own homes within their own community for as long as possible. We help make that happen. In the past years, we have grown to become ‘the’ source for information and support for older adults and their caregivers in our community.   

In 1977, our program supported a couple of hundred people; in 2019, our combined 26 services connected with over 91,000 older adults and their families in our community. The old adage, “if you build it, they will come” certainly proved true. There was a need out there, and we met that need. We still meet that need.

But we couldn’t do any of it without the support from our community partners, our dedicated and caring staff, our invaluable volunteers, and our amazing Board of Directors. The journey has not been easy with many barriers blocking our path. Fortunately, through lots of hard work, determination and creative thinking, we have not only survived but thrived. I must admit that there was just a touch of stress involved in this journey. 

Looking back over the years, several items standout – such as assisting a number of people over the years to step away from abusive situations, securing the funding and helping design our building in South Surrey, greeting the older adults at the door with a smile and seeing them smile back. The look on their face being one of “you see me’ when so many times they feel they are not valued.  

Thank you to everyone for making Seniors Come Share the success that it was. I know that the organization and its new Executive Director, Susan Moore, can count on your continued support. Click here to read the official News Release on Susan Moore


Sue McIntosh, Executive Director