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We are excited to welcome Susan Moore as our new Executive Director. The appointment follows the retirement of Sue McIntosh. (Click here to read a letter from Sue McIntosh)

A message from Susan Moore, our new Executive Director:

“I am very excited to be joining Seniors Come Share Society, an organization that builds safe, inclusive, and nurturing communities for older adults. I have worked on the frontlines of senior-serving nonprofit social service organizations for many years and understand the importance of community development and cross sectoral collaboration. Come Share is exceptional at developing and delivering collaborative programs and is doing incredible work to support vulnerable seniors, and their caregivers, through adult day programs, community outreach and ongoing education and innovation. I started (and completed) my master's degree with the intention of developing sustainable programs for vulnerable seniors and this opportunity is more than I could have possibly imagined. I am very excited by the opportunity and am truly humbled to be selected to step into the role created by Sue McIntosh whose tenure includes 40+ years with Come Share. I look forward to working with our employees and partners as we continue to provide exceptional services to our community.”

 Seniors Come Share Society announced the appointment on January 20th. (Click here to read the official the news release for more information)